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All the issues are within and so are the remedies.

All the questions stem from deep within and so are the answers.

Let the wisdom in you guide you on your path within.


(Sessions start at $550)

Help with karmic debt, ties and baggage

Improve emotional body 

Improve mental body 

Removing past trauma

Opening up your true potential and purpose

Releasing fears and anxiety

Improve depression

Tapping in to your ancestral gifts and power

Couple's therapy 

 Removing energetic cords, parasites, programs, etc

Business, office, and house cleansing

(Starting @ $400)

 Live a happier and more fulfilling life


Paul has really helped my family get through many challenges related to stress, anxiety, and depression. One example is when my husband suffered through generalized gastrointestinal symptoms which doctors could not explain.


The million-dollar medical work-up, including several hospitalizations, many comprehensive blood tests, full body CT scans, and colonoscopies /endoscopies were non-yielding. The doctors were quite puzzled with so much symptoms and significant weight loss of unknown etiology. It took Paul just one session through guided meditation to accurately find the problem and several meditation sessions to work on his healing.


My husband felt immediately better and has completely resolved his generalized abdominal issues. I was impressed and have come to understand that

there are many emotional/psychological issues that can manifest into physical somatic symptoms for which allopathic medicine is quite limited. If you suffer from unexplained medical, physical, or emotional problems that the doctors cannot seem to resolve, then you have come to the right place!


— Dr. Elina



Thank you so much for resetting my guidance, digging deep into my core, and helping me release all the pain and negativity that cluttered my conscience for some time now. My vision and focus on life and my path to success and happiness has never been brighter. To close up chapters of life will only make room for new ones to begin.  I am truly blessed for all you have done and will continue to do for me. I could not express how important you are to me in life and in friendship.


- Darek. M

  Celebrity Chef.


Paul is an amazing healer and intuitive. I was very disappointed with conventional medicine before I met Paul.  As a doctor myself, I realized that traditional medicine couldn't cure many chronic diseases.  After hopping from doctor to doctor, I was fortunate enough to meet Paul, and he changed my life for the best. He gave me many healings, and ultimately taught me to utilize my own power to heal myself.


He is a great teacher, who teaches you to pick up on what's keeping you stuck.  We all get stuck sometimes, and we need a guide to uncover some of the potential that we all have hidden within, and Paul is that guide. He is a leader, a visionary, a teacher and a light worker. Thanks to him, I got back on track and used many of the techniques that he taught me to make better choices and to facilitate healing in all aspects of my life. 


Thank you Paul for giving me all the amazing tools to heal. God bless you!

— Dr. Luba


Highly recommend Paul, he is a powerful healer and a wise Guide - light worker. He will help you wake up to your true energy potential through working and healing your present life or ancestral karma. Paul helped our family many times by working with energies of my kids. He balanced the energetic unbalance of my, at that time, teenage daughter and supported my awakening to my Higher self.


- Kira

Through my spiritual journey, I was so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to cross paths with Paul and have him guide me through various situations in my life journey.


There are not enough words to describe how genuine, kind, compassionate and intuitive he is. Paul has a very peaceful natural ability to connect, truly listen and to guide.


Throughout every session, Paul made me understand the strength of every human soul, how to reach inward for answers, the path to meditation and how to attain peacefulness and clarity. He is truly a one of a kind healer and I will always be grateful for the opportunity to work with him and for all his guidance. Thank you Paul for all you do to help as many people as you possibly can.

- Rose

Intuitive Life Coach

"Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed."


- Nietzsche



"True happiness is to enjoy the present, without the anxious dependence upon the future, not to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears but to rest satisfied with what we have, which is sufficient, for he that is so, wants nothing."


- Seneca



"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts."


- Marcus Aurelius

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"Out Of The Darkness, Shale ye Rise Upward          One with the Light, And One With The Stars "


Desert Mountains

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